Snow & Ice Management

Snow and Ice Management is a unique service at your property and should be treated that way. Penta Services is not a company that treats snow plowing and snow removal as add-on services or busy work. We are solely focused on working with our clients to develop the best snow response plan possible. We offer both per-occurrence and seasonal contracts. Request service or call (314) 202-5452. We serve St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding cities and states.

Benefits of Having a Professional Snow & Ice Management Contractor

  • Safety. The protection of people comes first. One fall is traumatic physically, mentally, and financially for all involved.
  • Ingress/Egress. Keeping vehicle and foot traffic flowing on your property keeps sales fluid and critical operations functioning even in the worst winter weather.
  • Building brand confidence. When your neighbor’s property is still snow covered, a customer will naturally choose the safer, more convenient parking lot — yours.
  • Compliance. Insurance companies have become increasingly insistent that property owners establish snow contracts with reputable providers.
  • On-site video. We offer remote video monitoring of snow and ice conditions on your lot (lot conditions only; this is not for security purposes).

Our Strategy During Winter Weather Events

At Penta Services we employ a three-point strategy:

  • Getting ahead of a weather event.
  • Keeping up during a storm.
  • Monitoring conditions post-storm.

Protect Your Employees & Customers with Penta Services

Managing Extreme Temperatures

Salt requires an endothermic reaction (heat or sunlight to work). Once the temperature falls to around 15°F, it is no longer effective. At that point, we switch to a calcium and salt blend, which works in temperature extremes.

Why Choose Us?


Small company by design.


Tailor services directly to clients.

Big Impact

Work to have as much impact as we can with select clients.


Sign the contract and forget it. Services require no action on the part of the property manager, agent, or owner.

Protect Your Employees & Customers With Penta Services

When winter weather comes calling, answer the call with snow and ice management from Penta Services. Call us at (314) 202-5452 or request service. Located in St. Louis, we serve O'Fallon, Wentzville, and many other cities throughout Missouri. We also serve Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and many other states throughout the midwest.

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