Commercial Snow Plowing Services

When winter weather makes your walkways, parking lots, and driveways dangerous and impassable, you’ll rest easier when Penta Services is on the job. We provide local and regional snow plowing services to industrial, commercial, and large-scale residential complexes. Remember, snow and ice are all we do, and we do it well. Request service or call (314) 202-5452. We serve St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding cities and states.

Protect from Inclement Weather

We understand the importance of keeping your premises clear of snow and ice for customers, employees, and vendors.

  • Safety. The protection of people comes first. One fall is traumatic physically, mentally, and financially for all involved.
  • Ingress/Egress. Keeping vehicle and foot traffic flowing on your property keeps sales fluid and critical operations functioning even in the worst winter weather.
  • Building brand confidence. When your neighbor’s property is still snow covered, a customer will naturally choose the safer, more convenient parking lot — yours.
  • Compliance. Insurance companies have become increasingly insistent that property owners establish snow contracts with reputable providers.
  • On-site video. We offer remote video monitoring of snow and ice conditions on your lot (lot conditions only; this is not for security purposes).

Snow Plowing Services

In addition to maintaining ingress and egress traffic management of properties, our snow removal services include the following:

  • We work to maintain maximum lot utilization by striving to keep as many parking spots as accessible as possible in hazardous conditions.
  • When feasible, we push the snow downhill to prevent run-off from refreezing across the parking lot.
  • We always keep your business opening and closing times in mind as we are plowing.
  • We establish a separate snow plowing schedule based on ABC, or zero-tolerance clients. Hospitals, Senior living centers, logistic centers, and large city centers receive priority attention so the community can continue to function. Please contact us if you fall into that category, as we still have room for additional zero-tolerance clients on our schedule.

For your convenience, we offer both seasonal and per-occurrence contracts. See our FAQ and Who We Are pages for more information about us.

Protect Your Employees & Customers with Penta Services

Regional Facilities Management

Are you outside of the St. Louis area? We can do the legwork for you and source reputable, insured local contractors who will keep your property in top shape. Snow and ice management is our entire focus, and we offer premier services in the following areas: operational experience at the contractor level, regional management, professional risk management, and consulting in the snow and ice industry.

  • Review contracts or certificates of insurance.
  • Bill at the local level or aggregate an entire region into consolidated billing to alleviate strains on accounts payable.
  • Offer the option of flat location pricing, which helps mitigate the risk the arrives as a result of local managers declining service in order to to meet a budget. We can remove a line item from your local manager’s or operating partner’s total controllable expenses, which helps mitigate risk when winter weather hits.
  • Offer snow programs to large regional partners that can drastically reduce snow removal expenditures.
  • We account for regional diversity in large property portfolios knowing that not every area is going to receive snow and ice accumulations every year. This economy of scale is impossible to accomplish when only sourcing services at the local level.
  • We are continually reviewing and updating our processes and strategies. We may perform only snow work, but that doesn’t mean we take the summer off. This is our opportunity to improve and stay up to date on the most recent advancements in our industry.

Why Choose Us?


Small company by design.

Personal Touch

Owners talk directly to clients to better know and understand needs.

Big Impact

Work to have as much impact as we can with select clients.


Once the contract is signed, services require no action on the part of the property manager, agent, or owner.

Protect Your Employees & Customers With Penta Services

When snow is on its way, Penta Services will be too. Haven’t signed up for service yet? Retire your shovel and call us at (314) 202-5452 or request service. Located in St. Louis, we serve O'Fallon, Wentzville, and many other cities throughout Missouri. We also serve Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and many more states throughout the midwest.

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