Commercial Snow Removal Services

When snow and ice are impacting the livelihood of your business and making it treacherous for employees, customers, and vendors, Penta Services is ready to help with our snow removal services. Snow and ice are all we do, and we do it well. Request service or call (314) 202-5452. We serve St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding cities and states.

Local Capabilities

We offer boutique, self-performed snow plowing services for our local customers. Commercial, industrial, and large-scale residential communities are our focus. Work with Penta to receive these benefits:

  • Ice melt including both granular and liquid applications.
  • Snow plowing including truck mounted plows and various loaders with containment plows.
  • Snow carting or haul off when on-site piling is not an option.
  • Site monitoring.
  • Weather reporting with invoices.
  • GPS time stamps for services.
  • Reporting for post-incident investigations when slip-and-falls do arise.
  • On-site video monitoring that allows us to remotely monitor your site’s conditions as well as monitor snow and ice management services provided.
  • Pre-wet treatment systems or blended material for colder temperatures when salt becomes ineffective.

For your convenience we offer both seasonal and per-occurrence contracts. For more information about us, see our FAQ and Who We Are pages.

We Know What You Need

Clients such as hospitals, ERs, Senior living centers, large city centers, logistic centers, and the like are top priority on the snow plowing schedule. We understand the importance of keeping essential workers in place. Be sure to contact us because we still have room on our zero-tolerance schedule for new clients.

Protect Your Employees & Customers with Penta Services

Snow Removal is Our Focus

We are a snow and ice management company. We don’t offer lawn mowing, landscaping, concrete services, or anything else. Snow removal is our business.

Snow and ice management services are extremely time sensitive when they are needed, so planning and preparation are key to delivering when it matters. As such, we use our summer season to improve our systems, maintain our equipment, and research best practices. Our sole focus is on becoming the best snow contractor we can be. We are part of SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association.

Why Choose Us?


Small company by design.


Tailor services directly to clients.

Big Impact

Focus on providing highest level of service and backend support.


Offer both local and regional snow removal services.

We’re looking for professional contractors to work with us regionally across the Midwest.

Protect Your Employees & Customers With Penta Services

When winter weather throws its worst at you, we promise you’ll receive our best – with our professional snow removal services. Call Penta Services at (314) 202-5452 or request service. Located in St. Louis, we serve O'Fallon, Wentzville, and many other cities throughout Missouri. We also provide expert snow removal services to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and many more states throughout the midwest.

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